My thoughts on HTML5 and Flash’s future

29 Nov11

Given the mess that Adobe has put us Flash developers in these days, I want to add to the conversation that I’ve never had a better time as a Flash developer! While Mike and Ben provide some good background on the choices, this does not compensate for how poorly this was communicated. Way to kill a devoted community Shantanu!

This should have been handled in a much different way and it puzzles me that there’s still nobody in Adobe talking about Flash’s unique strengths. It’s all about HTML5 these days and the 750 layoffs is probably just a start. Luckily for Flash as a platform, there’s others doing Adobe’s job in this area.

I should add that I’ve done dynamic HTML sites ever since I started in this business about 15 years ago. The Rock City project (in the previous post) uses ExpressionEngine as a backend and I also do smaller sites based on Wordpress on a regular basis. The new website is EE driven and I’ve written several EE plugins in PHP as I’ve needed them. It’s all about using the right tool for the job at hand.

I enjoy making sites and apps using HTML, but I could never do that every single working day. Flash is what brings fun to my job. Things I do with jQuery, CSS and CMS systems are really just something I do for bread and butter and to stay up to date. I’ll keep doing this as well as play around with other languages like Haxe and Processing (for Arduino and other things)

I still see Flash as a solid part of my future, especially with the new Stage3D and other gaming related features now in Flash Player 11. I’m thoroughly impressed by the performance I can get out of the AIR apps I write for Android and iOS and I love NativeProcess and the possibilities it gives. All the fun things I’ve done this year are thanks to the Flash platform and I don’t see that change in the near future. I’m pretty sure there’s no other tool that is as capable when it comes to multi-platform publishing that can actually utilize hardware features such as cameras, audio, video, p2p, multitouch, hardware 3d and much more on so many platforms - all with the same consistent rendering.

And the best part - the stuff that I made in Flash more than 10-12 years ago still works on 99% of all desktop machines as well as quite a few Android phones and tablets (for now).


Busy, busy, busy

29 Nov11

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on what I’m doing these days so it’s time to catch up a bit. I’ve been really busy the last year and now I finally have some time to post on it. Here’s some of my favorite projects the past year.

Sukker is the largest dating site in Norway and it’s used by more or less every single person below 50 that I know. I were originally hired to solve a problem that others had given up - making a 22 Gigapixel image zoomable and interactive. At any time of the day, this app will show the online status for many thousand users, offering new ways to explore and connect to people. Making an app like this run on old machines was quite a fun task! You can check out the city yourself but you’ll have to be logged in to see who is behind each blinking dot.


I also made two more apps for Sukker and they both allow their users to utilize more than just pictures to show others who you are. One is an “Apartment configurator” where you can create a kind of fantasy apartment allowing others to see what taste you have in music, film, food and much more. You can even peek into the fridge! The other app is sort of a “powerpoint”-app that allows people to build stories based on slides, images, video and text.

RIM / Playbook

I can’t say much about this project, but I’ve been allowed to say that “I have been working on a first party application for RIM”. I can also say that it was great to work with my friends at Jadehopper!


The only breaks from commercial projects have been working on a Tower Defense game called MineGunner. The paying gigshave enabled me to take time off to work on this. There’s still work to be done on it though so I’ll spend my time from now and a little into January trying to get it finished and published. (Come to think of it - I don’t think I ever posted a link to my old sparetime project - the Rampgenerator?)


Rock City

This has certainly been the most fun project ever! I’ve used multitouch, low level audio manipulation (with Tonfall), peer to peer apps (with Cocoon p2p), controlling lights and LED’s, webcams, motorized faders as well as literally bags of Phidgets! I’ll write up a separate post on this soon since it was simply too much fun to fit in just a few paragraphs.