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Best Xmas gift ever :)

31 Dec05

RC Chopper My brother just sold his house since he is moving to Australia. Feeling temporarily rich, he and his girl got me the greatest Xmas gift ever! Been playing all day. Great toy and not too expensive to crash either. I’ve picked up spare parts once already ;)

Using JSON

16 Dec05

Been using the actionscript JSON class from and found a bug in the implementation. If you’re getting exponential numbers from your JSON service, an error is thrown. Something like this will cause you grief:


Found a way to bypass this, but using such numbers severely affects the stability of Flash 8. I’ve had Flash 8 disappear instantly after compiling code with such numbers. For some reason, this gets better after you save your file? No idea why, but it’s a thing to look out for.

My rewite is really simple. On line 268 (number-function) I’ve added this:

while ( && (ch>='0' && ch<='9') || ch=='E'  || ch=='e' || ch=='-' || ch=='+') {