Archive | January, 2006

Kill those music pirates!

20 Jan06

Great game where you recover your MP3 files that have been stolen by pirates. Really fluent motion/controls, several good ideas and great looking graphics. A nice version of a classic shooter.

Using CVS/Subversion with Flash

12 Jan06

Working with CVS and Flash for a project these days and needed a way to create a linked folder (not shortcut). I vaguely remembered a post from Christian Cantrell about this. Posting it here for future reference. (Feel free to leave a comment if you know of other similar solutions.)  I’ve been wanting to use CVS for Netron’s larger Flash projects, but never got around to it until now.

For my current project, we use CVS with the TortoiseCVS client, but I’ve also signed up for a Subversion account with CVSDude where we’ll keep the internal Netron projects using Tortoise SVN. CVSDude is great not only for the Source Control, but also for the extras they offer. We’ve set up Trac, a system that is both a Wiki, bugtracker and a repository browser. The bugtracker is simplistic, but sufficient. Really nice to have all these functions in one single system.

Interesting thing to note when choosing between CVS and Subversion: setting up Subversion clients is way less “hackish” than CVS. Probably since Subversion originally was created to correct certain flaws in CVS. Now that I’ve used both for some time, I feel that Subversion is “the future” and CVS “the past”. Many small snags with CVS and just one big that is easily avoidable with Subversion (Don’t use the Berkley DB solution)

Control hardware using Flash

06 Jan06

Want to make your own Flash-based access-control system using RF ID tags? How about a custom LCD display showing the state of your Flash-app? Found a cool link the other day to Phidgets, a company that makes a bunch of cool electronics that one can control via a webservice using Flash, Java, C++ or other programming languages. Slightly pricey, but looks like fun. Teleo is another contender in that market that David did a review of some time back.