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Norwegian Flash 10 year party

19 Sep06

Flashcake.jpgYesterday, I did a preso for my local Adobe User Group as part of the Norwegian Flash 10 year celebration. Before the session I made a small Keynote presentation that just cycled through screenshots from FutureSplash Animator/Flash 1 to Flash 8. I’m posting it here in case others need something similar and want to save the time installing all the trial versions. I found the first four over at Joen Amussen’s blog and added the last 4 myself (Download Keynote file here). The main preso highlighted the different versions, the related software and important events (as seen by me). This presentation was in Norwegian so it’s probably not that interesting for english speakers. I’ll use bits of it for an article on at some point.

We had huge cake with the Flash logo on, so there was more than enough to eat for the twentysomething that showed up. Socially, this was one of the better NAUG meetings as more than half the crowd joined us for beers and chat afterwards at “Den Gamle Majors Lab”.

Playing with bitmapdata

07 Sep06

I’ve always loved MP3 visualizers. I really like the beautiful patterns that race across the screen in tune with the music and so does my kids. Sometimes they even say “dad can we watch some music” :)

A couple months ago, there was a competition over at where Lee Brimelow asked for cool use of the computeSpectrum() method. I didn’t have time to participate, but this eve I finally got to play with the BitmapData classes in Flash 8. (Note to self: make less webapps and more fun stuff!). It’s nothing fancy, but I’m pleased with the looks and how simple it was to do it.

Looks pretty good for something less than one Kb (if the FPS counter is removed)? Guess I’ll make an AS3 version next to see how that affects speed (+ add computeSpectrum support). Download FLA