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Animator vs Animation 2

16 Nov06

Here’s the follow up to the popular Animator vs Animation where an animated stick man attacks his creator inside the Flash IDE and the animator has to fight back. This time, the fighting goes beyond the Flash program itself as it is partially destroyed due to the fight :)

Back in the saddle

07 Nov06

Came back from MAX last week where I had a blast of a time hangin’ out with with David and Jeremy. I missed out on a couple sessions that I really wanted to attend (those by Jesse Warden and Chafic Kazoun), but I also got to meet a lot of folks I’ve only emailed with such as Ryan Stewart, Ted patrick, Alex UhlmannChristophe Coenraets, Kevin Hoyt, Nick Welloff and Jeremy Geelan from Sys-con Media. Looks like you’ll find one or two of my articles in upcoming issues of Sys-con’s WDDJ and maybe even an interview on some time? Fun, but a little odd since I don’t speak english natively and I don’t like being in front of a camera :)

One of the articles you’ll find in WDDJ (formerly called MXDJ) is about the upcoming fight over developers and how the Dreamweaver team has been sleeping in class. One great example of this is that since I cannot transfer my licenses for Adobe software to my MacBook, I’ll experiment with other software such as this neat CSS editor (via Paulo). Adobe should really watch out, or Dreamweaver could start lagging far behind. They now have so much legacy code to maintain, that others can quickly become better at core features such as CSS editing and debugging. This is after all what we developers spend our time doing.