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Flash Physics

16 Dec06

Duhh… Yet again, my gaming PC crashes while playing Rise of Legends, just when it started to get intense and I didn’t save (Glad I switched to Mac so the same don’t happen on my development-machine). Will be some time until we get such a quality (if ever) in Flash-games, but my hopes are high that there will be some sort of 3D engine in the upcoming Flash 10 player. While we wait for that - Andre Michelle just blogged a nice 2D physics engine for Flash and AS3 that was just released as Open Source: Fisix.

Fisix looks promising, but it’s still a little slow, especially when played back on an Intel Mac. Slightly irritating that I get better FPS using virtualization running Parallels and XP in a window on the OSX desktop. One would think that now that all the Adobe-folks are running Intel Macs themselves they’d do something about this?

Mac Intel debug player annoyances

12 Dec06

Some weeks ago, Paulo discovered that the debug player that ships with the MacTel Beta of Flex is terribly old and there is no new version up on Just as Paulo, I need to have the debug player installed, but today I found a really annoying thing with this version: it cannot install the Breeze / Connect plugin as the normal Flash Player can. Due to this, I’ll have to use Acrobat Connect with Parallels and XP. Would be great if Adobe could keep all versions up to date…

Anyway: the new Acrobat Connect service (formerly called Breeze) totally rocks! Saved my ass yesterday as I could sit and watch M4 while he implemented some changes to a script. Since I saw what he typed, I could instantly catch any errors that occurred. Brilliant! Saved me a load of time!

Great Flash intro

10 Dec06

wm.jpgIt’s been a while since I saw a really good Flash intro, but this one stands out! The new site for german WM Team really kicks ass with well produced animations and an intro that you’ll love to show your coworkers.

(Via FlashStreamworks)

Sketching is in?

03 Dec06

Linerider has sweeped the inboxes, filled up Youtube with insane rides and proven that super-real 3d is really not required for a good game (if one can call it a game). Along comes another great game in the same style: SketchFighter. Not done in Flash, but looks like heaps of fun!