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Need a unique canvas for your Flash work?

28 May07

This will change how you think about screens or even t-shirts! Just after Sony’s announcement of ultra-thin OLED screens, Philips takes this a step further. Why print the logo on t-shirts when you can have it animate? Any kind of cloth can now be turned into a screen - how’s that for a canvas for your next Flash animation?

Using Google Adwords?

21 May07

Do you know what you’re paying for? Check this article by my buddy Jarle Bergersen. Initially, the adsense /adwords system provided by Google was simply amazing. Since the text ads were displayed based on the contents of every page, they were always relevant and they usually showed up on the right sites.

Click-rates were astounding when I first implemented Google ads on Flashmagazine 4 years ago, somewhere between 3-4%. Numbers like these were pretty rare in the industry back then and they’ve been falling steadily ever since. Now the clickrate is about 1,5%  and it looks like the folks running adsense /adwords have gotten despearate to improve the situation. Using Google, you can’t really decide where your ads show up. Google will try to locate the best place for your ad and up until now they’ve done a decent job. With the introduction of Adsense for Domains, they are now allowing domain pirates and others that don’t provide value to get a bit of your advertising budget and there is no way you can prevent it (Norwegian version).

To me, it looks like Google is loosing it’s touch? Up until now, they’ve always done what is best for the end user/advertiser, but this time it’s apparently only about money?

Simple webshop solution

18 May07

Just gotta blog this for future reference. I keep getting requests from friends that are looking for a simple way to set up a small webshop and I found this - Bigcartel - a really simple solution that you can have up and running in next to no time. They offer a free solution that you can test just for fun, and a subscription version with some useful features. They only offer PayPal, but that’s more than enough for simple use. Anyone can set this up. Found it via this neat site where you can get “Apollo bootleg t-shirts”.

Cal Evans (Zend) on Flex

11 May07

I recently did a presentation of Flex for the Norwegian PHP users group that went along quite well. I discussed Flex vs Flash and showed examples of connecting to various data sources. One of my colleagues that attended, Dagfinn, sent me a link today to a post by Cal Evans (Zend and PHP guru) and his thoughts about how Flex has made Flash approachable for him. Nice read/tutorial on PHP and Flex and a good title “Flex and PHP: Party in the Front, Business in the Back”!

Anime Studio Pro for Linux(!)

08 May07

6549-200x400.jpgJust got an email from e-frontier, the makers of 3D packages such as Poser, Amapi and Shade. They now have a commercial version of their manga drawing and animation package
Anime Studio 5 Pro for the Linux platform? Quite interesting to see a mid-sized software company as e -frontier thinking seriously about Linux (Ubuntu; Red Hat 8, 9; Fedora Core 1, 2; SuSe 8.2; Mandrake 9.0, 9.1, 10; Gentoo; Debian SID; and Knoppix.)

Typically, only small software companies make end user software like this for Linux and it’s often free. If a company this size can make money from Linux, maybe Photoshop on Linux is not that far fetched? Maybe even Flex Builder? Will be interesting to see how this fares with the Linux community and if they are able to make money from it. Anyway, if you do animation, you should
check them out. Anime Studio Pro has SWF export and e-frontier also has a decent lightweight Flash-clone called MotionArtist.