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[OT] Holiday is doing something different

29 Dec07

We’re spending this years holiday at the farm where my wife grew up and today, her brother (the farmer) had to go to a Christmas party in Oslo, several hours away. I thought I’d be nice and give him a hand so he could stay in town a little longer, so I volunteered to take care of his pigs…

Taking care of 420 pigs sure is a different experience than coding all day. Today I’ve been “whacking away” at loads of shit instead of a keyboard - one and a half hours of shoveling shit and spreading sawdust for the pigs to walk / sleep on. When I was only half done, my cap was soaking wet from sweat. I wasn’t exhausted, I just got really warm from shoveling (I guess I should exercise more). So, holidays are a time for doing something different. Farming sure is a lot more physical than what I usually do :D

PS: I’ve now showered for half an hour to get rid of the smell, but I suspect I’ll need another shower to loose it completely…

Mike Downey comes to Oslo

15 Dec07

Sweet - finally a visit from “the mothership” to little Norway :-)
January 31st 2008, Mike and several other Adobe evangelists (Stephanie Sullivan Greg Ewis and Jason Levine) will head to Oslo, Norway for a free full day conference. There will be sessions on Flex, AIR and AS3 with Mike as well as Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and AJAX. These free one-day things are usually pure marketing, but this looks like it could be quite interesting.

Mike has his sabbatical right now - one of the nice things with working at a big company like Adobe. If I remember correctly, Adobe offers six weeks and Macromedia used to offer eight weeks after working a certain time. Probably very well deserved as he’s been doing nothing but traveling for a really long time now… If it wasn’t for this, I’d invite him to visit the norwegian Flash User Group FUGN. I’ll shot him an email when he’s back in January :)

PS: If you’re in Norway and didn’t know about FUGN - tell all your friends and colleagues and join us the first monday every month. The meetings are informal and hosted at bars (like the London FPUG). The informal atmosphere makes easier to ask questions and present stuff you’re working on. We don’t mind the beers either :)

UPDATED: Turns out there is some kind of special event the day before and the FUGN members present at last weeks meet got invites for this :)

Inspectable metadata

03 Dec07

If you’re making Components for use in CS3, you’ll no doubt stumble upon the Inspectable metadata tags looking like this:


I had a hard time finding more information about this until I downloaded and read through this PDF from Jeff Kamerer at Adobe. Only the first part of his tutorial on creating components in CS3 is up on the ADC site right now, but at the very end of the page he has some PDFs that is a veritable goldmine for component developers. I have not read through it all, but it looks as if he’s skipping the very last, important part that details the packaging of components. Spender at the Flash Brighton blog has a good writeup that I think will solve that for now.

(Too bad Adobe didn’t take the time to ship this as part of the docs. They obviously had all the knowledge in-house, but I guess they did not have the time for this just before launch? Experience has learned me that the sooner you document stuff like this the fewer mistakes the devs will do, so I do find it odd that this is the only documentation we have…)