Archive | January, 2008

What is Singularity?

31 Jan

What’s Aral up to?

Make instant animations with your webcam

22 Jan

Kind of “toy-ish” but fun none the less, the animation site AniBoom has a cool widget that will allow you to do simple stop motion animation using your webcam and then export this as a GIF. Simple, but fun. Great for explaining kids what animation is and how it works.

An AIR of confusion?

17 Jan

Adobe AIR, Apple AIR and there’s even Microsoft AIR... What’s next? How about Google AIR - the free, ad sponsored airline?

It looks like Google will support AIR Analytics soon at least?

Windows at 91% and declining

04 Jan

Gizmondo quotes a new survey that claims that OSX now accounts for 7.31% of all OS’s. For now it looks as MS is still asleep dreaming of Vista. Odd, isn’t it? They really don’t see Apple as competition, do they?

PS: Two years ago, Gartner estimated that by now, Apple should have gained a 2.9% market share…