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Converting from Wordpress to ExpressionEngine

27 Apr10

Some of the sites I convert to ExpressionEngine (EE) are made using Wordpress. I really like Wordpress. It’s super easy to use and set up, but for more complex sites it’s just not up to the task. EE is the soulution, but how do you migrate the old content into EE? There’s several possible solutions, but they all seemed cumbersome or outdated so I figured I’d make something better and easier.

Adobe AIR makes it a breeze to make utility applications like this and the result is “WP2MT”, a small app that reads the XML file you can export from WordPress and saves the contents to the Movable Type Import Format that EE can import from. Click the Badge at the bottom to install the application.

How it works

Start by exporting the Wordpress content to the WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR format. Depending on what version of WordPress you use, you’ll find this under the Tools or the Manage menu in your WordPress control panel.

Install and start the app. Click the “Open File” button at the bottom and browse to the XML file you just exported. The app will now show a summary of the XML file, showing the number of posts, pages, comments and discarded items (revisions of articles or attachments). You’ll also see how many of these that are unpublished and you can choose if you want to include these.

Next hit the export buttons to create a text file containing either the pages or posts. That’s it.

One thing not included in the MovableType format is the original URL of the entry, so I’ve added a custom field for EE that’s called ‘EXTRA FIELD-1’. By making an extra field for this, you’ll be able to look up what url entries had before and you can also check against this field to see if an entry was added after the export.

Feedback is much appreciated and if you have WP files that won’t import, send them to jenschr [at) gmail [dot) com and I’ll see if I can fix it.

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You can also download the .air file directly from here. If you don’t use the Badge above, you may need to install the AIR runtime as well.

AVM2 bug when rolling over movieclips

22 Apr10

When making examples for a recent workshop, I stumbled over a bug in the Actionscript Virtual Machine used for Flash Player 9 and higher (AVM2). If you are using a movieclip inside a button, the hit area won’t work as it should. When moving the mouse across the button, it will constantly blink giving a very flimsy impression. You can test this in the example below.

This content requires Flash Player 9 (or a more recent version). You need to upgrade your Flash Player

Here’s source files that show the bug and the fix FLA - SWF -

Switching the movieclip to graphic fixes the issue, but why won’t this work? It’s always worked well before, so this must be a bug in AVM2? Another thing is that if you hover this button for a few seconds, the Flash IDE crashes instantly…

If you’re unable to repoduce the bug - feel free to check this video that shows it and please post a comment telling what Flash Player version/browser you are using. I’ve been able to reproduce the bug on all OSX browsers + IE8 on Win7.

Submitted this as a bug in the bugbase

Away3D training - across the world

22 Apr10

My friend Rob Bateman is setting up Away3D workshops all over the world these days - Sao Paulo, Buenos Aries, Sydney and London. If you’ve been thinking about getting into 3D in Flash, I highly recommending attending one of these workshops. They’ll teach you all you need to get started.

Rob is also the lead developer of Away3D and has done lots of workshops on it so he is certainly the one to learn from. Read more on the Away3D Blog.