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Get rid of the bugs

07 Aug06

This summer has been really warm here in Norway - around 30 degrees (85 Fahrenheit) almost all of July. The result is a wasp- and bug-invasion like I’ve never seen before. Here’s a fun little Flash timewaster where you give the bugs a hard time (or was it the other way around?)

Cool Retro LCD-game in AS3

05 Jul06

5821_1_th_gm.jpgVery nice adaption of Donkey Kong Junior made in AS3 by Todd Anderson. Brings back a lot of memories about those games - such as the time I used a really sharp knife to remove some ink that had spilled on my orange Donkey Kong game. The knife slipped and I cut off half the connectors to the upper screen. As you can probably guess, the game was not very playable after that :(

(learned a valuable lesson about using the right tool for the job at hand though…)


25 Apr06

Great use of transparent Flash 8 video in this simple but hard to master game. This is maybe the definition of “Hit’n'run”?
(Via M4)

Sketchy plattformer

02 Apr06

Here’s a cool Flash platform game with oldschool looks, but with excellent physics and gameplay. Found it on Paulo’s blog.

Going (with the) Flow

25 Mar06

flow_small.jpgMany have blogged about this game already, but I might as well add to it. It’s not that often that new game concepts appear, but from time to time somebody comes up with a new puzzler or a new iteration for an old concept. Flow is basically an iteration of the ever popular worms-game, but it’s different in that it’s an evolving game - your character evolves based on what/who you eat. The music and visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay is great. Click here to play Flow.


23 Mar06

Don’t shoot the puppy!

Friday links

11 Feb06

Been ages since I’ve posted Flash games, but here’s one - Mansion Impossible a rather nice little sim-game done in Flash. I got the link from M4 ages ago, but didn’t get to check it out until now. I also finally had time to check out some of great links over at FWA.

I regularily submit cool findings to but I feel that I surf the web too seldom these days. Not having seen sites such as YugoP’s gallery browser (using the scrollwheel as primary nav) or cool animated portfolios like Stephane’s makes me feel sort of “outdated”. They’ve both been up for a long time, but I’ve been working too much lately. Gotta take the time for that, cause it keeps me inspired :)

BTW: There’s also a neat new resource-site on Flash games in the form of a Wiki.

Kill those music pirates!

20 Jan06

Great game where you recover your MP3 files that have been stolen by pirates. Really fluent motion/controls, several good ideas and great looking graphics. A nice version of a classic shooter.

Starcraft in Flash?

03 Oct05

Not really, but a fun trip down memory lane. This version is only selected sound and graphic bits put together into a new “Starcraftish” game. I remember playing the original Starcraft so much that my girlfriend (now wife) thought I was insane. So many nights… Interesting to note that the game is still available in stores - 7 years (!) after the release. I guess good games never die, they just become cheaper?

I’m keeping my eye on Starcraft: Ghost (the follow-up). It has taken a really long time to get that game out. Blizzard is known for taking it’s time and with the success of WarCraft - they can afford it too. Blizzard have a totally different attitude than most other companies when it comes to shipping games. The last 3 games I bought was more or less unplayable without updates. That says a lot about how the gaming business work these days. Blizzard is an exception that actually finishes the games before shipping them, and that’s one of the reasons gamers keep buying their games. Latest news says Ghost will be released early 2006. It’ll not be anything like the original, but looks really good and it’s based on the same stories.

(from M4)

Wolfenstein in Flash 8

28 Sep05

Glen Rhodes has written an almost complete Wolfenstein-copy (you shoot, but take no damage). This game and Andre Michelle’s 3D experiments (try the one called “mode7_1”) really shows how fast the new bitmap engine in Flash 8 is when coded properly. Andre’s engine goes well beyond the Wolfenstein clone and adds Camera roll, height and even Focal controls - all at amazing speed (with fewer objects, but way better looks). If you are serious about making games, you should check his OS Project GamePackage. I recently used it for a game and it rocks performance-wise, though the documentation was sparse. With Flash 8 optimizations, it’ll be much faster still.

PS: Seems like Glen Rhodes got too much traffic after this got blogged. He now demands registration to try the game?