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2012 - what a difference a year makes‎
Arduino Companion - now out on Apple App store‎
Busy, busy, busy‎
Portfolio and update‎
Pressure sensitive floor‎
Teaching with robots‎
Warming up to browser apps‎
What did I do the last year‎


3D CMYK Munch‎
3D in Flash‎
A Love Letter to Flash‎
Actionscript syntax highlighter‎
Adobe Updater‎
AIR window resize inconsistencies‎
An incorrect Embed can break text input in Google Chrome‎
Animator vs Animation 2‎
Anime Studio Pro for Linux(!)‎
Another CMYK separation in 3D‎
AVM2 bug when rolling over movieclips‎
Away3D 4 Basics‎
Away3D doughnut?‎
Away3D interactive MovieMaterial issue‎
Away3D panorama viewer‎
Away3D training - across the world‎
Away3D video-wall‎
Awesome Peacock example‎
Back in the saddle‎
Bezier drawing with Degrafa‎
BigImageLoader now supporting even bigger images‎
BootCamp and Paralells - first tests‎
Control hardware using Flash‎
CopyPixels and browser speed limits‎
Curiosity sucks‎
Don't trust Stage.width‎
Dumbest Dreamweaver error ever...‎
Extending the Macromedia V2 Components‎
Extra return in Textfields‎
FDT quick tips for Flash Player 10‎
First FUGN meet this season‎
Flash 8 is out!‎
Flash and IE6 bug when loading XML‎
Flash Builder fails to start‎
Flash CS3 Quicktime export bug‎
Flash MP3 player for JavaScript‎
Flashy Halloween!‎
Fun with Bodygrooming‎
Garbage collection in Flash‎
Get Opera free?‎
Great Flash intro‎
Hah! I knew this was coming!‎
Handling user upload of big images‎
Happy Birthday‎
I'm Switching to Mac‎
Icanhaz flashburger?‎
If in doubt - wait one frame‎
IKEA 360 Kitchen viewer‎
Inspectable metadata‎
iPhone - Hot without Flash‎
Is Flash 3D a toy or a tool?‎
James Ward at FUGN today‎
Just arrived in Vegas for MAX‎
Life of an evangelist‎
Mac Intel debug player annoyances‎
MacBook experiences‎
Macromedia and Adobe - newly combined?‎
Make instant animations with your webcam‎
Making Treeviews look good‎
Marching Ants selection rectangle‎
MAX is such a ripoff‎
Mike Downey comes to Oslo‎
More Away3D tutorials posted on Flashmag‎
Multitouch Flash‎
My best CS3 error message thus far‎
My thoughts on HTML5 and Flash's future‎
Need a new phone, what to get?‎
Need a unique canvas for your Flash work?‎
New Nectarine animations‎
New toy‎
No more ads in Opera?‎
Norwegian Flash 10 year party‎
Odd MTASC issue‎
Of course I'll gotoAndSki(switzerland)!‎
Papervision Rocks on‎
Photorealistic drawing in Flash‎
Playing with Aviary‎
Playing with bitmapdata‎
Playing with vectors‎
Please smooth your video site!‎
Pretty, additive cubes‎
Projector issues in CS3‎
Re-opening a treeview after refreshing it‎
ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property‎
See the future! Get Flash player 8.5 and Flex...‎
Should I Bubble?‎
Simple data storage from Flash to ExpressionEngine‎
Skinning the Flash DataGrid‎
Skinning the Flash DataGrid (Part 2)‎
Some nifty AS2 classes‎
Sound vizualizer with Away3D‎
Stream from any point in a FLV using PHP‎
Swap IconBuffet Icons?‎
Testing MacBook compile times for Flash and FlashDevelop‎
Testing Slideshow Pro‎
Texfield Wrangling‎
The future of Flash and Adobe‎
There she is!!‎
Totally cracked me up!‎
TypeError: Error #1009‎
Unexplainable errors in Flash Builder 4.7‎
Using CVS/Subversion with Flash‎
Using JSON‎
VerifyError: Error #1102: Illegal default value for type int‎
What is Singularity?‎
Worms multi-player clone‎


Best Flash game of 2008? (Now with url as well)‎
Cool Retro LCD-game in AS3‎
Easy does it...‎
Fløjte Hero‎
Flash Physics‎
Friday fun‎
Friday fun - Bloody Rage 2‎
Friday fun from Kerb‎
Friday links‎
Get rid of the bugs‎
Goggles - Great flight(sim) game‎
Going (with the) Flow‎
Great looking Flash game - Get the Glass‎
Guitar Shred Show - air guitar brilliance!‎
How to Display live data from an Arduino on a webpage‎
Kill those music pirates!‎
Motherload - Timewaster of the week‎
Planarity - a real braintwister‎
Playstation Flipper by Kerb‎
Sketchy plattformer‎
Snowy - great platform game‎
Starcraft in Flash?‎
TeaGames - Physical Flash games‎
Tower Defence‎
Warming up to browser apps‎
Wolfenstein in Flash 8‎


A reminder of why I switched from XP to OSX‎
I just can't wait for the Revolution!‎
Microsoft just don't care...‎
Sketching is in?‎
Supreme Commander on MacBook Pro‎
The slow climb of HTML5‎

Converting from Wordpress to ExpressionEngine‎
EE1 plugin - remove duplicate html‎
ExpressionEngine plugin - Send Tweet‎
ExpressionEngine: redirecting based on group_id‎
Getting to know ExpressionEngine‎
Housekeeping time‎
How to Display live data from an Arduino on a webpage‎
Mini ExpressionEngine Dictionary‎
My first EE plugin‎
React with Javascript package managers‎
Review: Building websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6‎
Review: ExpressionEngine 2 - A quick-start guide‎
SAEF's annoying default‎


A Graphic is a MovieClip is a Sprite‎
An AIR of confusion?‎
Arduino Companion - my first app for devices is out‎
ArgumentError: Error #2004: One of the parameters is invalid‎
Cal Evans (Zend) on Flex‎
Flash Builder fails to start‎
Getting an extra item in your list control?‎
Getting my head around Flex 2 and the tree control‎
I could not agree more‎
Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed‎
Nordic Rich Internet Experience Tour‎
React with Javascript package managers‎
SafeFrames for mobile apps‎
The slow climb of HTML5‎
Unexplainable errors in Flash Builder 4.7‎
Using Away3D inside a Flex application or RIA‎
We are spoiled!‎


Arduino Companion - my first app for devices is out‎
Arduino Companion - now out on Apple App store‎
Arduino Companion 1.1‎
Realtime 3D on the web - a toy or a useful tool?‎
Why I'll never use Windows Phone again‎


2012 - what a difference a year makes‎
About this blog‎
Best Xmas gift ever :)‎
Brilliant buy for animation fans‎
Forgetting what's important to the user‎
How to shoot yourself in the foot‎
Just call me Mr TypeALot...‎
Making a custom 3D printer controller‎
OSX and FireFox growing steadily‎
OT: Fight the dirty directories (Bedriftsguiden and buddies)‎
Popcorn Time!‎
Real 3D Flashmagazine logo‎
Rock in the road‎
Simple webshop solution‎
Symantec getting too big? - No more Norton for me‎
The OLPC starts shipping‎
Twitter is technically wrong...‎
Using Google Adwords?‎
Why Javascript bores me‎
Windows at 91% and declining‎
[OT] Holiday is doing something different‎