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27 August 2005 at 4:06 am

Might as well blog? I’ve been so busy with my pet project http://www.flashmagazine.com that I never took the time to start my own blog. Flashmag is now in it’s fifth year, has several great contributors and this month there will be more than 100.000 unique readers (400.000 pageviews++). Not too bad for a hobby, but since I try my best to keep Flashmagazine a professional publication, it’s loads of things I’d like to blog about that just doesn’t fit it’s format.

Flashgamer won’t be a blog about me, but rather about some of my hobbies. I’ll post cool Flash Games that I find, personal opinions and small reviews on various games I play and maybe some Flash code snippets / rants. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll even update this standard template? 😊

This site (Flashgamer.com) used to be a showcase site for Flash Games I made. I put it up in August 1999, but by early 2003 the amount of visitors was massive. Funny how popular Free games are… Since I had little or no time to update it, the content was rather dated. To avoid bandwidth bills and fuzz, I put the site to rest.