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Away3D video-wall

18 November 2008 at 10:24 pm

Still working on those Away3D tutorials, I wanted to show an example of a Video Wall. I’ve seen this done lot’s of times with Papervision3D, so I figured it’d be easy to do with Away3D as well. Turns out it wasn’t that easy, but from now on it should be since I made a VideoMaterial. In this demo, I’ve added sound support as well so you’ll only hear the sound of the video facing you.

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Just move your mouse to rotate in any direction. Move your mouse to the middle to make it stop. I’ll soon add the blurred cover to this file as well, so it does not start playing until you mouse over.

The source code will be published in the Tutorials section on Flashmagazine.com as soon as I’ve cleaned it up and got the text written.