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Best Flash game of 2008? (Now with url as well)

06 January 2009 at 4:29 pm

I just wasted (too much) time on a classic platform game done in Flash called The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2. Why? It’s just so well executed. The levels are clever and varied, the controls are intuitive and responsive and while the graphics may look simple, but they’re really well animated with lot’s of humor.


There’s an incredibly high level of detail in this game - from the characters hair blowing in the direction you’re running/jumping, when he’s almost slipping off and edge, fixing his hair or going to sleep if you don’t do anything. It’s full of charm and 100% child-safe, so if you have an hour (or more to waste) check it out! Despite the simple style, I know that making a game with this good flow is incredibly hard so this game gets my vote for best Flash Game 2008!