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BootCamp and Paralells - first tests

25 May 2006 at 5:03 pm

I’ve had a little too much to do lately. Despite having a brand new MacBook Pro next to me on the table I’ve had to do client work. All work - no play, but today is a public holiday so I finally have some time on my hands! Installin BootCamp and Paralells was a breeze. Installing XP on these took it’s time as usual, bt it worked perfectly. The driver disk made by the BootCamp software worked perfectly and all devices was up and running at first reboot. Perfect!

The first thing I did in Boot Camp was installing C&C Generals: Zero Hour since that’s one of the games I play a lot. Worked like a charm and I´ve never had that good framerates on my gaming-PC (2Ghz Pentium M with 1 gig ram and ATI XT800 GPU). It was however odd to play a RTS game with only one mouse button 😊

Next step: testing compile times with FlashDevelop on Paralells.

(This is also my first post from the MacBook. Something up with the apostrophes? hmmm)