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Curiosity sucks

11 September 2007 at 7:00 pm

On many occasions I’ve wished I wasn’t that curious, but I must say that Adobe has messed my machine up with AIR and the Flash Player. As a developer, I’m always keen to check out new tech so I “had to” install the beta version of the Flash Player supporting MPEG4 video and check this out. That caused my debug player to disappear, and also royally screwed up installing AIR apps. In an attempt to rectify this and check out Digimix - an excellent AIR app (according to Paulo) I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest distribution version of the player. Now I’m stuck with a setup that boots my Parallels installation every time I click an AIR install badge. Great…

I assume this is just a setting in Parallels that I can fix myself, but still - the player selection feels a little screwed at the moment. What I really want is a version that has both debug for Flex, installs AIR files AND shows me the latest and greatest. That way I didn’t have to go through all these instalIs/uninstalls, but I guess this is impossible due to the development process? I guess I’ll have to install the FireFox Flash Plugin Swithcher.

Updated: Figured it out. Parallels 3 makes shortcuts to all your windows apps, included the AIR installer on Windows… Just had to delete that from my Windows Applications folder under OSX.