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FDT quick tips for Flash Player 10

15 October 2009 at 3:42 am

Just a quick post to save this somewhere. Two important things when using FDT for Flash Player 10 projects:

  1. Remember to set the target-player parameter in your Compiler Arguments for both the Debug and Run configuration (-target-player=
  2. When using the Embed-tag in FDT, you can’t use the “Pure” config. You have to use the ordinary one

I haven’t seen this noted anywhere and I couldn’t find it on Google. Guess it’s worth posting. Another thing that have bitten me when working with FDT - asset paths require a starting slash like this:

		private var img1:Class;

Another thing that will come in handy is this list of Flex Compiler arguments. FDT does not set/update any of these automatically, so it’s really handy. I keep having mixed feelings about FDT. There’s so many nice things, but all the rough edges seem to ruining my experience of it. I guess I’m just a little spoiled?

BTW: I’ve been really busy lately. Lot’s to catch up on after summer holidays, FOTB, all the MAX announcements (as the iPhone one) and client work. I’ll also go to Sydney to visit my brother next week so it’s been a while since last post. Will probably be so a while ahead as well. So much to do and so much fun ahead!