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Macromedia and Adobe - newly combined?

11 April 2008 at 3:01 pm

I had to reinstall my CS3 package today and got a surprise when I logged in to retrieve my serial number. On the page listing your registrations it says “We’re making improvements to support the newly combined Macromedia and Adobe community”. Wow? What can I say? Two years in the making and you still can’t view the serial numbers of your licensed products.

I sure hope this only temporarily, or the Adobe customers will have to pay the bill in the form of foolish costs to call centers that just tell people what their serial numbers are. There’s also a link to your Adobe registered products that is “Temporarily Unavailable”. Good thing I’m not in a hurry then, after all I just make a living from Adobe tools… Luckily there’s warez sites with serial numbers around, so you at least have a chance to run your software 😜

Oh - and did I mention why I had to reinstall the entire CS3 package? Since I was part of the Dreamweaver Beta and I forgot to uninstall the software before it expired, I had to delete it manually by searching for files (The uninstaller would not start since it was expired too…). This in turn prevented it to be installed when I got my CS3 package. Not having Dreamweaver isn’t such a big deal any more. I much prefer FireBug and TextMate, but Dreamweaver wasn’t the only bit that didn’t install.

The Dreamweaver Beta also installed Device Central and Bridge and the CS3 installer was unable to remove these as well. Another problem I’ve had recently is that my Photoshop CS3 crashed upon every Open or Save attempt. The last drop was that I needed Device Central yesterday and it claimed my product was expired, so I bit the sour apple and spent an hour deactivating, uninstalling and reinstalling it all. Amazing how much stuff the uninstallers actually leave behind.

Updated: Photoshop and Dreamweaver now works, but Device Central just says “License Expired”. It appears to be impossible to reinstall just this one bit. Any suggestions welcome!

Update 2: The CS3 cleanup script did the trick when used on level 2. Blahhh… what a day to spend a day :(

Here’s something to cheer up anyone with similar problems: Elijah Wood gets mortified.