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More Away3D tutorials posted on Flashmag

28 November 2008 at 1:58 am

I finally got three more Away3D tutorials posted on Flashmagazine. These contain the source to the Panorama viewer, sound visualizer and CMYK color separation examples posted here along with how to create them.

Here’s the complete list of the nine Away3D tutorials I’ve written up until now:

Flash 3D Basics (not Away specific, but with Away example source)
Installing Away3D for Flash, Flex or Flashdevelop
Away3D Basics 1 - A simple Away3D class explained
Away3D Basics 2 - The View and the Scene
Away3D Basics 3 - The Camera(s)
Away3D Basics 4 - Manipulating 3D objects
Away3D Basics 5 - Primitives (Part 1)
Away3D Basics 5 - Primitives (Part 2)
Create the Earth and heavens in less than an hour with Away3D

Supporting tutorials:
Using Actionscript projects in Flex or Flash
Using Flex Actionscript files with Metadata in Flash CS3

I hope many will find these useful! I’m now working on the last one on the primitives. The next batch of “Basic” tutorials will cover materials and lighting, interactivity and working with imported models. And - it’s soon weekend so I can allow myself to play with a neat little AIR app I started last weekend 😊