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Skinning the Flash DataGrid (Part 2)

25 February 2006 at 2:39 am

I keep fighting to make my DataGrid look just like my Ad agency desires and todays biggest problem was a bug in the DataGrid component that renders the “backgroundColor” style for it useless. No matter what color I set, it turns up as the same shade of red… How to get around that then? I could start digging around the class files again, but it didn’t feel too tempting. What other solutions are there then?

After some searching around, what looked the best was the $5 DataGrid extensions by Tufat (and Darren Gates?). At $5, it’s almost too cheap? Anyway - it’s a great extension that offers sorting numerically (how could MM omit that?), HTML display, editing, text wrapping, turning off the gridlines and much more. It even gives you proper coloring of rows that allow you to combine alternating rowcolors and custom column colors. The $5 gives you not only a SWC, but the full Source Code as classes so you can modify them as you like. Very neat!

Only problem is that when I extend it, my checkbox cellrenderer fails to render properly. Oh well. Working on it… 😊