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Solution: Arduino and TeensyDuino IDE crashes on startup

18 August 2021 at 11:24 am

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​I kept having problems with both the Arduino IDE and TeensyDuino crashing when started, but the fix is fairly easy. There’s also quite a few not so elegant solutions floating around, so I thought I’d share how I solved it in the best possible way.

​On macOS Big Sur, Apple changed quite a few things that has to do with how Java works. Looking at the official Oracle Java website for Mac, you can see that they’ve not updated anything since macOS 10.7. We’re now on macOS 11.5 so I have no idea why they’re not updating. Anyway - due to this it seems like everyone is moving away from Oracle’s Java and onto OpenJDK.

When looking to solve the problem, I searhed around and many had suggestions on how to do this. The most elegant way is however to use the Homebrew package manager as described here. Upon finishing installing, it even prints out all commands you need to make the setup permanent (adding to your .profile).