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Starcraft in Flash?

03 October 2005 at 2:51 am

Not really, but a fun trip down memory lane. This version is only selected sound and graphic bits put together into a new “Starcraftish” game. I remember playing the original Starcraft so much that my girlfriend (now wife) thought I was insane. So many nights… Interesting to note that the game is still available in stores - 7 years (!) after the release. I guess good games never die, they just become cheaper?

I’m keeping my eye on Starcraft: Ghost (the follow-up). It has taken a really long time to get that game out. Blizzard is known for taking it’s time and with the success of WarCraft - they can afford it too. Blizzard have a totally different attitude than most other companies when it comes to shipping games. The last 3 games I bought was more or less unplayable without updates. That says a lot about how the gaming business work these days. Blizzard is an exception that actually finishes the games before shipping them, and that’s one of the reasons gamers keep buying their games. Latest news says Ghost will be released early 2006. It’ll not be anything like the original, but looks really good and it’s based on the same stories.

(from M4)