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Wolfenstein in Flash 8

28 September 2005 at 1:32 am

Glen Rhodes has written an almost complete Wolfenstein-copy (you shoot, but take no damage). This game and Andre Michelle’s 3D experiments (try the one called “mode7_1”) really shows how fast the new bitmap engine in Flash 8 is when coded properly. Andre’s engine goes well beyond the Wolfenstein clone and adds Camera roll, height and even Focal controls - all at amazing speed (with fewer objects, but way better looks). If you are serious about making games, you should check his OS Project GamePackage. I recently used it for a game and it rocks performance-wise, though the documentation was sparse. With Flash 8 optimizations, it’ll be much faster still.

PS: Seems like Glen Rhodes got too much traffic after this got blogged. He now demands registration to try the game?