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Flash Physics

16 December 2006 at 8:21 pm

Duhh… Yet again, my gaming PC crashes while playing Rise of Legends, just when it started to get intense and I didn’t save (Glad I switched to Mac so the same don’t happen on my development-machine). Will be some time until we get such a quality (if ever) in Flash-games, but my hopes are high that there will be some sort of 3D engine in the upcoming Flash 10 player. While we wait for that - Andre Michelle just blogged a nice 2D physics engine for Flash and AS3 that was just released as Open Source: Fisix.

Fisix looks promising, but it’s still a little slow, especially when played back on an Intel Mac. Slightly irritating that I get better FPS using virtualization running Parallels and XP in a window on the OSX desktop. One would think that now that all the Adobe-folks are running Intel Macs themselves they’d do something about this?