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Mac Intel debug player annoyances

12 December 2006 at 5:54 pm

Some weeks ago, Paulo discovered that the debug player that ships with the MacTel Beta of Flex is terribly old and there is no new version up on Adobe.com. Just as Paulo, I need to have the debug player installed, but today I found a really annoying thing with this version: it cannot install the Breeze / Connect plugin as the normal Flash Player can. Due to this, I’ll have to use Acrobat Connect with Parallels and XP. Would be great if Adobe could keep all versions up to date…

Anyway: the new Acrobat Connect service (formerly called Breeze) totally rocks! Saved my ass yesterday as I could sit and watch M4 while he implemented some changes to a script. Since I saw what he typed, I could instantly catch any errors that occurred. Brilliant! Saved me a load of time!