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Inspectable metadata

03 December 2007 at 7:34 pm

If you’re making Components for use in CS3, you’ll no doubt stumble upon the Inspectable metadata tags looking like this:


I had a hard time finding more information about this until I downloaded and read through this PDF from Jeff Kamerer at Adobe. Only the first part of his tutorial on creating components in CS3 is up on the ADC site right now, but at the very end of the page he has some PDFs that is a veritable goldmine for component developers. I have not read through it all, but it looks as if he’s skipping the very last, important part that details the packaging of components. Spender at the Flash Brighton blog has a good writeup that I think will solve that for now.

(Too bad Adobe didn’t take the time to ship this as part of the docs. They obviously had all the knowledge in-house, but I guess they did not have the time for this just before launch? Experience has learned me that the sooner you document stuff like this the fewer mistakes the devs will do, so I do find it odd that this is the only documentation we have…)