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Just call me Mr TypeALot…

20 August 2008 at 7:57 pm

Incredible. The coating on my MacBook pro is pretty worn (where I hold my hands) but today the Command key broke in two? I sure use it a lot, but since MacBook Pro is a favorite with programmers, shouldn’t the keyboard handle our everyday usage?


Update 1: 15 minutes to wait for Applecare support. Hmm…
Update 2: AppleCare says this is not covered. Suggests calling an authorized service partner
Update 3: Last 40 minutes I have tried both Eplehuset and Humac (the two suggested partners) and none of them answers the phone.
Update 4: Finally got through to Humac. They said I’d have to hand them my machine or they could send a service technician to my house. If that isn’t overkill I really don’t know what is…
Update 5: Eplehuset finally answered the phone and said “sure, no problem. we’ll fix that for you.” They’re officially my Apple Heroes!