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Odd MTASC issue

10 May 2006 at 8:00 pm

We just encountered an odd issue: if you try to set a variable in the class definition to a color value from a static class, Classes will fail to initialize as they should thus causing havok in our apps. Has anybody else encountered this or have an explanation?

Details: This bug has bugged the project I’m on for several occasions and Paulo just figured it out. The projects that had unexplainable problems all had one thing in common - they defined variables in the class definition and filled them from a Static Class where we stash all the colors used in the project. Since these technically are of the Number datatype, it should be safe to set them directly in the class definition, but for some reason this will cause odd and unexplainable behavior. Filling these variables in the constructor instead rectified the problem.

UPDATED: Nicolas Cannasse (author of MTASC) responded to this with a good answer when I posted it on FlashCoders.