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See the future! Get Flash player 8.5 and Flex…

04 November 2005 at 4:25 am

Andre Michelle has been busy playing with AS3 lately. Thousands of pixels swarming across the screen just like in a MP3 vizualizer and a really fast raycasting engine This is something totally different than the first Wolfenstein copy! I had 30fps+ at 1024x768 pixels resolution! That’s speed!

I finally had an evening off from work (just crazy these days!) and installed the Flex 2 alpha along with the Flash 8.5 player. I didn’t want to install alpha-software on my primary machine so I’m using my gaming PC for this. Will start browsing Franto’s collection of AS3 samples next, but the speed of this alpha software is amazing! Andre’s sample with 150 balls collision testing plays back at 65fps with less than 1% CPU usage. WOW!
(Might even get an hour or two to play with Flex tomorrow if I’m lucky. Really looking forward to it!)