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ST7789 library for Particle Photon

07 May 2020 at 10:21 am

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​When it comes to small displays for micrcontrollers, I’ve long favored the low price Oled screens that are based around the SSD1306 chip, but now there’s several tiny TFT screens with IPS displays to be had at a good price. Since I could’t find something that worked, I converted an existing library to work for Particle Photon and other STM32 based micros.

The library is based on Adafruit’s original GFX and ST7735 library. The implementation that I started came from Github user lspoplove who in turn had forked ananevilya’s implementation. Neither of these had the original license inclided (as required) so I’ve re-applied the orginal Adafruit license to my version. You can find the files in my Github repository https://github.com/jenschr/Arduino-ST7789-Library/

Here’s how you’ll connect it to the Photon using Hardware SPI.

Connecting ST7789 to Particle Photon
Connecting ST7789 to Particle Photon