Prettifying the van

08 October 2022 at 10:49 pm

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Looking at the van, it’s not exacly a beauty. I promised that we’ll show off the van as part of Oslo Skaperfestival, a local Maker Faire here in Norway. AM said that if we’re going to show it to people beyond family, we’d have to make it look better. Fair enough and we had found a blue tint that we liked.

The color we went for wasn’t the original as that proved to be impossible to get hold of, but Dupli Color DC 8-0340 was a slightly darker variant. We tried it on the car and it looked good. Getting hold of enough spray cans proved to be a challenge, so we had to order from some web shops outside Norway. We spent 18 cans of 400ml with pain and then 12 cans of clear coat (Colormatic 1K - DC 756849) to seal it off.

We covered the car up as good as we could with tape and plastic. It was a learning experience, but we got the hang of it eventually (no drips). In the end it looked really good, but looking closely you’d see it’s not done by a professional 😊

PS: the van's been on 3 more trips with AM after summer, so it's not been sitting idle.

(added this retroactively since I’ve been working waaay to much lately. more on that on the main blog)