Goal Zero Yeti not charging? Simple fix

21 July 2022 at 1:41 pm

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Am off on this year’s van trip and realized that our Goal Zero Yeti 3000x wasn’t properly charging. Unplugging the solar panels made the input “flicker” one or two times, and then the input said zero despite being in direct sunlight.

Using the official Goal Zero FAQ on a mobile is literally a nightmare since anything you click will expand (and thus ruin any attempt at scrolling), but Google showed an excerpt telling you to hold the Info and Units buttons for 3 seconds. Doing so changes the display (for feedback) and the unit resets. It did however not solve my problem.

I then disconnected the solar input and tried again. This time it worked. The charger instantly showed 100w on the input and the time to full updated. I guess the MPPT charger is powered from the solar and needs to not have power as you do the reset? Posting it here since it’s good to know for others & this website works well on mobile.